Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chalone 04 Pinot Noir, Estate - Yes indeedy!

Chalone Vineyards 2004 Pinot Noir, Estate, The Pinnacles, Soledad, Monterey County, CA. 14.2%. $38.

I picked up several bottles of this at the annual Diageo wine event in Napa, where interesting bargains are to be had. In this case, they were selling Chalone Pinot Noir at about a third of the list price, so I got a few bottles, and opened one this evening.

It's delicious. It's exactly what I want from a Pinot -- light but flavorful, with a nice finish, which is how I characterize Burgundy-style Pinots. (Many West-Coast Pinots go for a more aggressive flavor profile: more intense, concentrated flavor. But if I want concentrated flavor, I'll drink a Cab, or Syrah, or Zin.)

Stuff's Yum! How's that for sophisticated wine-reviewer wordsmithing?

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