Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luna Vineyards Pinot Grigio--Great Beverage Wine

I was pleased the other day to get three bottles of wine from a winery I didn't know, Luna Vineyards -- new wineries are always fun. The bottles are attractive, with beautiful, elegant labels. The wines are all from Napa: a 2007 Pinot Grigio, a 2007 Sangiovese, and a 2006 Merlot.

I opened the Pinot Grigio first, and tried it on its own as an aperatif -- I don't like it straight. It has a pleasant aroma, but there's not a lot of flavor: The fruit I expect from Pinot Grigio is too restrained for my tastes, and the acid a little too prominent.

Then I tried it as a beverage, to wash down a pork roast with cream sauce -- and it perked right up. The plainness, and the acid bite, cleared and freshened the palate, and made the flavorful pork even tastier.

Tanzer gives it 90 points and finds peach and orange blossom flavors -- I have no idea where he's getting that.

The wine lists at $18; K&L sells it for $15, and likes it, calling it "a rich, mouthful ... that also includes a splash of Chardonnay for extra intrigue... a favorite for its texture and mouthfeel, clean fruit and minerality. This is a food-friendly white for any night of the week." Well, the food-friendly part is right, but I wouldn't recommend you take this to your next winetasting -- it doesn't work in that context. But to go with dinner tonight (or even lunch tomorrow), it works.

I'll try the two reds another night.

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