Friday, March 25, 2011

Will It Blend? Aerating Wine with a Blender (Really)

Take a look at Robin Garr's experiment with aerating a big red in *a blender!*

Wow, what will they think of next??


alfred said...

The second type of wine aerator is designed to be used on the table or a sideboard. Hence the name "table top" aerators. These aerators are best for those of us who like to decant a whole bottle of wine at a time. The large aeration funnels provide for maximum aeration of your wine which simply cannot be achieved with a on the bottle model. The table top models allow you to put a decanter or carafe under the aerator and then pour the wine through the aerator to your heart's content.

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alfred said...

Since a newer wine does not have the collection of sediment, a good wine aerator will allow for an increase in the surface area of the wine. An aged vintage would require a decent wine decanter for full enjoyment.

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