Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow's Lake Zin at $19--Unbelievable!

I can't believe my eyes -- Cost Plus/World Market, in the California San Francisco Bay Area, at least, is selling one of the top Zinfandels in the world -- Rosenblum Cellars' Snows Lake Vineyard 2005 Lake County Zin!

In a tasting last year with a 2004 Snows Lake, the consensus among my friends was that the Snows Lake was actually as tasty as the best Zin of all, Rosenblum's Rockpile Road 2004!

Both wines typically price at $38 and up. And you don't see Rosenblums in retail very often, and the high-end Rosenblums basically never. So imagine my surprise to see this black-label champ on the shelves at discounter World Market in Walnut Creek, CA, for an eye-popping $19!!

I snapped up a couple of bottles and will taste them later today, to see if there's something wrong, or if Cost Plus/World Markets just made an incredible deal!

Meanwhile, go check the site to find if there's a store near you. If this is the real deal, you should run over and snap up as many bottles as you can afford!

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