Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Wines for the Holidays?

Thanksgiving is tough for picking a wine, because of the variety of tastes.

You have then two choices: Bring whatever you like and don't worry about it; and/or bring a variety of bottles and don't worry about it.

One traditional T-day wine is Beaujolais Nouveau. This year's is said to be pricey and "shrugworthy" as one reviewer put it. Some recommend Cru Beaujolais, or the regular Beaujolais, from last year: Beaujolais Villages, in particular.

Here's a comment from the reviewer at Slate (Mike Steinberger)

Skip the Nouveau, bypass the Duoeuf, and instead look for a Cru Beaujolais...Generally run between $10 and $20, and the best are brought in by importers Louis/Dresner, Alain Junguenet, and Kermit Lynch.

Some wines to look for: Chateau Thivin (from the Cote de Brouilly appellation), Jacky Janodet (Moulin-a-Vent, the most esteemed appellation in the Beaujolais), Marcel Lapierre (Morgon), Domaine Diochon (Moulin-a-Vent), Jean-Paul Thevenet (Morgon), and Michel Tete (Julienas)....
A personal favorite is Dupeuble, a wine of low pedigree that is made by a conscientious producer whose ambition is not to suck every bit of life out of his vineyard but to fashion a quality quaffer. That he does: The wine, which retails for around $10, is everything good Beaujolais should be—fruity, sprightly, utterly charming. If I had a house and had a house wine, Dupeuble would be it.
Some Useful Links for Thanksgiving Wines:

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and the companion piece:

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The article is especially interesting because it shows how very differently each of us tastes wine!

And if you like bubbly, Thanksgiving is a good time to break it out (also the rest of the holiday season). But instead of regular old French Champagne or American Sparkling wine, try a Carod, such as "Clairette de Die Cave Carod" - $12.99 at K&L Wines – it's really great with Pumpkin Pie! I tried it in 2006 and it was a great -- tastier than champagne!

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