Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two more winning Passaggio wines from Cynthia Cosco -- How does she do it?

Rose, Chardonnay -- Yum!

Just received new Passaggio 2010 New Generations Unoaked Chardonnay and 2010 'Rose Colored Glasses' Rose and had to crack them open for a taste--has one-time Baltimore cop and now winemaker Cynthia Cosco maintained her extraordinarily high standard for her Chard? And has she pulled it off with her new Rose too?

Quick answer to both questions: Yes, ma'am, she has -- and maybe even topped herself! The Chard is delicately fruity and French, with a *finish*, which I am not used to in a Chard: a deliciousness that lingers on the tongue and demands another sip. It is actually better than her original maiden effort of three years ago!

And the Rose, of Zin and Cab, is also fruity, and surprisingly delicate considering its grapes--again, flavorful, with a light citrus tang. 

Highly, highly recommended. Especially if you are tired if the same old Chard (or don't even like Chard!). And the Rose is delightful.

The 2011 Chard is a bargain at $19; the Rose at $17. Don't dawdle, by the way: The 2010 Chard has long been sold out. Expect the current Chard, and the Rose, to follow. 

Two tips for you: One, join her wine club. You get four bottles a couple times a year and get to see what fresh experiments she's coming up with, which is fun. And two: Her newest wine, a Pinot Noir, is available in futures--$300 the case. A risk, for a brand-new wine nobody has yet tasted-- but look at this winemaker's record!!, Sonoma, CA.

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