Monday, June 6, 2011

Death To Wine Snobs

Snobs suck!

This 1997 episode from San Francisco's Bay TV features wine guy Lewis Perdue (60 pounds heavier than he is now) who believes that wine snobs are a lot worse than the anti-Christ. You don't have to study wine to like it. Hell, you don't have to study Snapple to know what flavor you like. What YOU like is what YOU like.

Pay no attention to those wine snobs behind the curtain.

They're just petty totalitarians who all like the same taste in wine and want you to feel inferior if you don't like their choices. The only thing you need to know about wine appreciation is to drink wine that doesn't suck and to spit out the wine that does.

NOTE: the wine brands seen in the segment have changed since 1997...some good ones now suck and some of the sucky ones are not bad at all. Trust your own taste.

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Deika Elmi said...

Will watch this thank you, thanks for sticking up for me on Wine Communication on linkedin. I think these fellas may be wine snobs, but still we're all free to say our piece yes? Love the bay area, how lucky are you to live there?
All the best :) Dea.

McWong said...

The luckiest!! :-)