Tuesday, August 11, 2009

J.W. Morris Chenin Blanc, 2007, California, $2.99, Trader Joe's -- Not Bad!

At the suggestion of a friend, I got a bottle of JW Chenin Blanc down at Trader Joe's, for the munificent sum of $2.99.

So how is it? I'm drinking it now. And it's -- not bad. Not bad at all! Very pleasant, in fact.

Clear, a little crispness without being too sharp. It tastes like - and this will sound odd -- it tastes like it's made from green grapes. You know, the kind you eat chilled at lunch. And this will sound odd too: That's a Good Thing. It's a nice taste.

It sure ain't chardonnay. Or Sauv Blanc, either, for that matter. It's not as oily, and it's not quite as fruity as Grigio or the like.

And it's a lot tastier than the price would suggest.

OK, I'm not much of a white-wine drinker, but this I think will become my house table white. A good after-dinner palate cleanser!

Oh, and an endnote: My friend hadn't actually suggested the J.W. Morris Chenin Blanc. She had suggested this vendor's Gewurztraminer. I couldn't find it on the shelf at Trader Joe's, so I got the Chenin Blanc. Glad I did. But now... I wonder what their Gewurz tastes like?

Excuse me, I have a little shopping to do....

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